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Entry #12

Update that shoulda been done a while ago...

2009-10-29 12:50:20 by MajinD

Anyway, there may be some wondering where I got to. Well, here goes nothing...
I passed High School and got into college, thus having my comp ban lifted and all that. Course, college is college, so I've been doing homework a lot, but for once am enjoying studying (After all, it's all computer related stuff). The only problem I have with college, are the evil hours. Spain doesn't have many colleges with computer courses, thus I have to wake up at 5:45AM spanish time, and I'm usually back by 5:30PM (It used to be 6:30PM or maybe even 7:00PM until I changed afternoon buses). But of course, now it means I have less time for comp stuff, and thus haven't been remixing for a good while. I may not start remixing again till after christmas. Heck, maybe later. Good news is, when I do start again, I'll probably have a synthesizer/MIDI Keyboard, and be learning how to use it.
Anyway, that's more or less what's happened, so see ya around.


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