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Anyway, there may be some wondering where I got to. Well, here goes nothing...
I passed High School and got into college, thus having my comp ban lifted and all that. Course, college is college, so I've been doing homework a lot, but for once am enjoying studying (After all, it's all computer related stuff). The only problem I have with college, are the evil hours. Spain doesn't have many colleges with computer courses, thus I have to wake up at 5:45AM spanish time, and I'm usually back by 5:30PM (It used to be 6:30PM or maybe even 7:00PM until I changed afternoon buses). But of course, now it means I have less time for comp stuff, and thus haven't been remixing for a good while. I may not start remixing again till after christmas. Heck, maybe later. Good news is, when I do start again, I'll probably have a synthesizer/MIDI Keyboard, and be learning how to use it.
Anyway, that's more or less what's happened, so see ya around.

Computer ban is over!

2009-06-19 08:54:53 by MajinD

...and with it my school term. Haven't got the results yet but I hope they're good. Anyway, now that I'm not banned, I won't have to sneak on to do remixes, which means more time for them. Speaking of remixes, I got a few to upload sometime soon, 2 metroid ones and a Super Mario 64 one. Hopefully I'll have them up by the end of today (I have a few things to catch up on).
Hope you guys like the remixes!

EDIT: Managed to upload the Metroid remixes, I'll upload the mario one tomorrow (Sorry if anyone was waiting for that one in particular).

Latest stuff

2009-05-02 03:59:54 by MajinD

So yeah, lately I've been busy, thus preventing me from uploading remixes or making new ones. I just managed to upload the serris remix I said I'd upload, but I doubt you guys will get another remix for quite a while.
Let's hope that I get more time soon.

So yeah, lately my computer had to be taken for repairs, and if I hadn't done it that day, I woulda lost around 230GB of stuff. So after getting it back and making a load of backups, I noticed I had only 9GB. So I decided to do some cleaning. I ended up having 23.7GB (Good enough until I get a external hard drive) and found some old programs and bits. One of the things I found was a remix I made (To be exact Metriod Fusion, serris battle) that was quite good. Heck, I may upload it to newgrounds (Or I may just put it on youtube, or both places).
Also, I got some remixes that are pretty much ready to be uploaded, and yes, I'm still banned from the computer. Currently posting this while parents are out.
So yeah, you probably won't see me again till the weekend.

Reason for lack of updates...

2009-03-02 10:20:26 by MajinD

I'm banned from the computer on weekdays except when there's no school. My parents say I should concentrate on studying and nothing else. >.>
That's the main reason I'm even here now, cause it's a spanish bank holiday. So don't expect any of the remixes I said I'd do anytime soon. But I may manage to upload one I got done sometime later 8If not, next weekend for sure). It's one I did of Shademan's theme (From Megaman 7).
So yeah, that's about it right now. I'll try to sneak on the school computers or something when I get the chance, but I doubt I'll be around much.

Good news and bad news...

2009-01-24 10:54:19 by MajinD

Okay, we'll start with the bad news...
This week I've been busy (Some exams and such) and the unfounded revenge remix somehow dissapeared. That was my hard work all gone. Good news is I managed to make a different remix (Although it's shorter). All I gotta do is fine tune it a bit, so I should have it up by tomorrow.

So yeah, sorry to those who wanted the unfounded revenge remix, but I may try and redo it sometime.

Keeping up.

2009-01-12 15:23:32 by MajinD

After settling back into school and and working hard, I finally found some time to get to doing some remixing. And, personally, I think my latest remix (Kraid's lair) was pretty good. Hopefully I'll get more time to make more remixes. But right now it's put my nose into the grindstone, cause I got to study hard (My last year at secondary school).

I'm Back!

2008-11-27 08:33:39 by MajinD

Real life kinda got in the way (And running my forum as well) so I haven't been on newgrounds much lately. But now I'm starting to get more free time, so I'll be on more. Also, to those who are wondering about the remixes I said I may do in my last post, I kinda lost 'em. But I'm currently making a remix of the title screen music in Metroid Prime 3 (It's still half done though) so I may upload it when it's finished. Also, for those who're curious, my forum moved quite a while ago, and due to being busy, I never had time to replace the links. I have just replaced them. Also, I just got Guitar Hero: World Tour (Which, for those who're curious, is amazing). Let's hope i have enough free time to get on every now and then.

Ok, all you reading this, do me a favor...

2008-07-31 17:14:15 by MajinD

Please take the time to look around on My forum and (If you like it) register there. It needs more members. Also, I was thinking of releasing a remix I did a while ago of Dick gumshoe's theme from the Phoenix Wright series. From what I've seen there aren't any remixes of his theme, but first I wanna know whether you'd like me to submit it to newgrounds or do something else to submit.

New remix uploaded.

2008-07-15 12:24:22 by MajinD

This was hard to do, but in the end it was worth it. I managed to make a remix of one of my all time favourite MGS music: Yell "dead cell". The Link